The Point Preschool was built in 1956 as a not-for-profit, community-based preschool to provide an educational preschool program for children aged 3 to 6 years. The preschool is licensed by the Department of Education for 20 children per day, 40 children per week. It is managed by a volunteer parent committee, in collaboration with the Director.

The preschool is open during the NSW Department of Education school term from Monday to Friday. In line with the new Start Strong government funding, opening hours on Monday and Tuesday will be 8.30am-3.45pm. Opening hours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will remain at 9.00am-3.00pm.  The preschool is closed during the NSW Department of Education school holidays.

The children in the Rosella group attend preschool two days per week on Monday and Tuesday, the children in the Cockatoo group attend three days per week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Generations of families have brought their children to The Point; we have grandparents who built and originally enrolled their children, now bringing their grandchildren back to preschool.

People comment that the warm and supportive environment of the preschool remains since those very early years, stemming from our philosophy which:

  • Acknowledges the original custodians of this land, the Dharawal people and their language and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the community past present and future.
  • Advocates for the rights of the child and values individuality
  • Honours diversity and difference
  • Embraces education for sustainability and social justice into daily practise
  • Instils a sense of belonging and a connection to place
  • Considers play and inquiry based learning to be essential in the lives and learning of young children
  • Places high importance on play outdoors and spending time with nature
  • Nurtures a deep respect and a positive attitude towards the environment
  • Inspires innovation, creativity and leadership in the early childhood profession

We believe in building a community that values children, respects their rights and prepares them for the transition to school and readiness for life.

The preschool’s longstanding and strong commitment to the environment and education for sustainability is demonstrated through a number of achievements and awards as well as the building itself; redesigned and renovated in 2010 according to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

For families wishing to arrange a visit please refer to our enrolment page for details. For educators who wish to visit our preschool please refer to our educational tours page.