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We’d love to hear from you if you share our vision of providing a nurturing, inspiring and peaceful learning environment or would like more information about our preschool. We enjoy having groups and individuals to visit our place and discuss our philosophy, curriculum and practices. As we are a small preschool we ask you to pre-arrange your visit so we can tell the children and their parents.   This also ensures our children are not overwhelmed by the number of visitors.  We do ask groups and individuals for a donation when visiting. Please call us to discuss enrolment and visiting procedures.

A message from the children:

Dear Visitors,
Hello and welcome to The Point Preschool.  This is our place.
We look after everything – the plants and the animals and each other.  We do this so everything is nice and to save the world.
We want you to be happy at our place so please talk to us.  We’ll tell you about peace and how to protect the environment.
We will show you our frog pond, our veggie patch, our possum box, lorikeet box, fairy garden, the bush tucker garden and our playground.
From the Children of the Cockatoos and the Rosellas.


89R Greenpoint Road
(Corner of Caravan Head Road)
Oyster Bay
NSW 2225

(02) 9528 5003

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