To place your child’s name on our waiting list we ask you to book into our scheduled ‘Our Place Tours’. During the tour you will have the opportunity to look around the preschool, meet with one of our educators and discuss the preschool’s philosophy and operation. If you have not already completed it online, you will be invited to complete a waiting list application.

Alternatively,  you can register for our waiting list via our Online Waiting List form here.

Our discussions are held in our staff room with a number of families and we appreciate your support in supervising your children if they will be attending the tour with you.

Due to Covid-19 social distancing requirements we have suspended our regular waitlist tours.   We do not know when we will commence our tours again.

We will continue to review ‘Our Place Tours’ with regards to social distancing requirements early in 2021.

Our tours will be held at 10.00am on the following dates in 2021:
























Please phone us on (02) 9528 5003 or email the preschool thepointpres@bigpond.com to book a spot on the tour.

In line with the new Start Strong government funding we have reviewed our fees for 2021 to ensure we pass on the correct funding contribution, as such our fees will be as follows:

Rosellas – Monday/Tuesday Group
4 year old before 31 July 2021 & 5 year old fee = $57 per day
3 year old fee = $70 per day

Cockatoos – Wednesday/Thursday/Friday Group
4 year old before 31 July 2021 & 5 year old fee = $54 per day 
3 year old fee = $67 per day

Equity Children – Children from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background or Low Income Government Health Care Card Holders and children with an NDIS number  = $29 per day.

Cockatoo and Rosella fees are now based on opening hours and as such are different amounts.

Please note that the preschool receives a reduced amount of  funding for 3 year old children and as such they pay a higher daily fee.

The preschool operates on different fee scales according to the funding received by the Department of Education and Communities.