Sue Vrahas – Early Childhood Educator

  • Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Physiology)Sue Vharas
  • Diploma of Children’s Services
  • Certificate III Children’s Services

 Sue has been employed in the early childhood profession for 10 years, after a previous career within the Healthcare Sector. She is an Early Childhood Educator at The Point Preschool and has been teaching there since 2012. Between 2006 and 2012 Sue was self-employed as a home based Family Day Carer, whilst raising her 3 young children, all of whom are past students of The Point Preschool.

Sue is of Greek cultural background and was born and raised in the local Jannali/Oyster Bay area, where she currently still lives. She has strong connections as an Early Childhood Educator and as a previous parent to the preschool, as well as to the history of the area. Her innate passion for natural nutrition and holistic therapies, shines, particularly where the health, wellbeing and education of children is concerned.

Sue is a very proud member of The Point Preschool team and a strong advocate for the preschool philosophy. She embraces her personal belief in sustainability, social justice and conscious living, both through her role as an educator and through her family life. This belief stems from her deep awareness of the synergistic relationship between the individual, the collective consciousness and Mother Nature.

Sue is very grateful for the opportunity to work collaboratively with a unified team of Early Childhood  Educators, who are authentically connected through their personal and professional philosophies and their dedication to providing the highest quality early childhood education.

Sue is employed at The Point Preschool part-time on Monday and Tuesday 8.30am – 3.30pm.