Frances Bondad-Head

  • Bachelor of Arts/Psychology (currently studying)
  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Certificate III of Early Childhood Education and Care
Frances has been employed in the early childhood profession for five years, after a previous career as a Professional Golfer on the Ladies European Tour, LPGA Tour, and the ALPG Tour. She is an Early Childhood Educator at The Point Preschool and has been teaching there since October 2017.
It was a trip to her parents hometown in the Philippines where Frances’ passion for working with children emerged. Frances noticed a young child in school uniform with no shoes on and studying under a dim street lamp. Frances vowed to pursue this passion of helping children become the best that they can be after retiring from golf. 
While studying her diploma, an interest in child psychology arose in Frances after attending a professional development course. Frances continues to read widely on child development and child psychology while pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology. 
Frances is determined to continue expanding her knowledge and skills as an Early Childhood Educator. Frances is a strong advocate for the preschool philosophy and is a proud member of the team. Frances enjoys slow and collaborative projects, STEM Learning, group games, sustainability practices, and making children’s learning and voices visible. Frances is a strong believer of bringing awareness to social justice and environmental issues and seeks to empower the children of their important role in society and the environment. Frances values the importance of social and emotional intelligence in early childhood seeks opportunities discuss and role-model positive techniques to the children.

Frances is employed at The Point Preschool full-time from Wednesday-Friday 8.30am – 3.30pm